TRP Sealing have a reputation for providing advanced bespoke solutions to complex technical problems across a range of industries. Our responsiveness and fast prototyping coupled with our expertise make us the leading choice for time sensitive and demanding applications. Read through a sample of our case studies to see how we have helped a range of different customers in various industries.

Automotive Industry - Transferring Production of Existing Tooling

Learn how we used our modern moulding machines to help this client out of a difficult situation.

Rail Industry - Responsiveness and Fast Turnaround

Our rapid turnaround times enabled us to provide a fast solution to this company in the rail industry.


Oil & Gas Industry - Innovative, Technical Solutions

We had to draw on all our experience and technical knowledge to provide a solution for this client in the Oil and Gas industry.

Marine Industry - Sealing Solution and Fast Turnaround

We quickly developed a solution to this companies sealing problem that allowed ships to return to sea without any delay.

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