External link opens in new tab or windowO rings can be supplied using our extensive range of materials in sizes up to 1,500mm.

With our globally recognised knowledge of dynamic and static sealing applications we are happy to advise on the most suitable material and design.

At our state of the art manufacturing facility, our tooling experts are able to rapidly produce seals from the standard circular cross-section to more complex elliptical and cruciform shapes for use in special applications.

In addition we can produce scraper rings and U rings in sizes up to 1,750mm.

Unlike many of our competitors we can also produce seals of any external shape, including rectangular seals of External link opens in new tab or windowO ring section up to 1,750mm x 3900mm.

Applications have included high performance seals for large industrial and marine engines. Seals have been developed to operate at both high and low temperatures whilst remaining capable of retaining their sealing capability even when mating parts have been stripped and reassembled.