TRP can provide you with a solution, whether in the air, on land or on the water, elastomers are a key part of your industry and TRP can be found providing solutions for a diverse range of applications.

TRP supply you with a bespoke elastomer product, offering outstanding long term service. Utilising many decades of experience in the industry these can be designed to operate at the outer limits of performance and temperature expectations.

TRP have been involved in developing materials for use in CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) environments as well as assisting with the design and development of tank pads, rubbered rollers and numerous components supplied to subcontractors to the aviation and defence industries.

Please contact us if you have any questions on material accreditations or would like to discuss collaborating on design or development.  

TRP can be counted on as a trusted partner in the design and manufacture of all types of mouldings and seals for one of the most demanding sectors of the economy.  TRP utilise an extensive range of equipment and technologies capable of producing some of the smallest to the largest mouldings in the UK in rapid, global leading, time.

Products range from moulded seals, rubber bonded to all metals, plastics (including PTFE) and fabrics, to protective bellows, gaiters and vibration management systems.

Whatever the application TRP with its highly experienced engineers and technicians and 24/7 service, will be ready to support and advise.