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Suppliers of Seals, Gaskets & Mouldings

TRP offers advanced technology tailor-made to overcome the most demanding challenges, backed up by cutting edge technical and manufacturing support.

Our knowledge of sealing products and rubber mouldings is based on over 30 years’ experience in providing innovative design solutions enhanced by our own custom developed polymers.


Food & Beverages
TRP are proven market leaders in the design and development of seal and gasket materials to meet the most exacting food industry requirements including the rigours of modern cleaning requirements such as CIP and SIP. More ¨

We are recognised as an industry leader in rubber gasket materials able to perform successfully at both high and low temperatures. At TRP we have a long history in providing sealing products to the PHE sector. More ¨

Oil & Gas
Through its knowledge of the demands of this important sector, TRP has developed as a leader in the design of high performance elastomers closely associated with the oil and gas industry. More ¨


Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

The pharmaceutical, biotechnology
and medical industries expect and demand their equipment to be built to the
highest standards of cleanliness, with seals and mouldings conforming to FDA
and USP VI standards. More ¨


To meet the demands of the marine industries, TRP continues to extend its range of high performance elastomeric materials. It is an ideal partner for any company supplying components
to this important export market. More ¨


TRP takes particular pride in its success in designing materials able to minimise down-time for the end user.
This has been achieved by the maximisation of physical and chemical resistance
properties. More ¨


Aviation & Defence

Whether in the air, on land or on the water, elastomers are a key part of the UK defence and aviation industries. TRP provide solutions for a diverse range of applications from a chemical attack to rubber cushioning for the tracks of military transport. More ¨

Specialist Automotive & Transport

TRP expertise in materials and design has been widely recognised within the specialist automotive and transport industries. Technical custom mouldings are at the centre of the latest automotive technology used by car, rail, bus and truck companies. More ¨

Engineering & Technology

Elastomer products are used across the full range of engineering disciplines. Rubber components can be used to isolate, seal, dampen and protect. Rubber seals, mouldings and gaskets have long been an important part of these key industries.

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